Flood Recovery

In a water damage situation, professionals use categories to help quantify how bad the damage is in a particular situation. If your house acquires flood damage, it'll be useful to know which category is relevant to your situation so you can tell the remediation team what to expect. There are three categories: clean or "white" water, "gray" water, and "black" water, which is the most unsanitary. Here are two ways to tell if you have "black water" damage.

1. The water came from an extremely unsanitary source.

The best example of "black" water is sewage. It's thoroughly yucky and presents extreme hazards to human health. It's also the most common type of "black" water to cause damage, and can come from an overflowing toilet or from the sewer or septic system. However, there's another type of very hazardous water in this category, too: flood water. Whether it's the storm surge from a hurricane or seasonal river flooding, a flood picks up and carries many harmful substances that it can then deposit in your home. These can include:

Animal droppings  |  Drowned animals  |  Agricultural and landscaping chemicals  |  Disease-causing organisms that live in soil

As you can see, any floodwaters that come in from outside present a health hazard, which is why they're included in the "black water" category.

2. The water damage occurred several days ago.

Because of things that like to grow in water and wet areas, such as mold and mildew, water tends to get progressively dirtier and more dangerous as it sits in your house. So even if the water started out "gray" (slightly dirty water, such as a dishwasher leak) it can escalate to "black" if left for 48 hours or longer.

These two signs can help you determine whether your water damage involves "black" water. As always, contact us if you have a flood-damaged house and want more information about our clean air technology to keep air smelling fresh during cleanup.

Regardless of the intensity of your flood damage, an ozone machine will help you to kill mold and mildew to ensure a safe environment moving forward.

The Newaire Plugin is designed to run continuously in rooms between 250 – 500 square feet to remove odors and remove air-borne particulate.

The Queenaire Thunder-24 is designed to shock an area up to 1500 sq/ft. when the area can be vacant.

The Newaire HG1500 Hydroxyl Generator can run continuously in occupied spaces, improving the air quality and keeping the area odor free 24/7.  

Finally, the best of two deodorizing technologies is now in one unit. Amazingly compact and lightweight, the Newaire HO3-2500 Hydroxyl and Ozone Air and Surface Treatment System features state-of-the-art Photo Catalytic Hydroxyl Technology designed to treat the air inside the unit to help eliminate odors and destroy a wide range of bacteria in areas up to 2500 sq/ft while the area is occupied. The separate Ozone option allows for deeper cleaning of the air and surfaces in unoccupied areas.

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