Pet Odor Removal


Many households in the United States have at least one pet. No matter what kind of pet, there is going to be some kind of odor. Pet Odor can be difficult to get rid of. For some it is the bane of their existence. It is what they spend hours and lots of money trying to get rid of. No matter how much you keep up with the litter box or take the dog on walks, or whatever you need to do to keep as much pet odor out, there is still some left over scent that lingers in the house.

Pets have natural odors regardless of how well it is groomed and cared for. Cat odor can be particularly troublesome. In its dry state, cat urine becomes non-soluble salt crystals. These crystals become embedded into carpet, its padding and the wooden sub-floor beneath the carpet. When humidity is in the air, the cat odor becomes very prominent. Although usually not as strong, dog urine can also present major odor problems. Other small mammals and birds have their own distinctive odors that may be difficult to remove.

There are many products on the market now that claim to help but most just cover up the smell or mix with the pet odor. So, you are left with apple cinammon scented pet. Not the aroma you want your guests or family to smell all day long. If you do an internet search for pet odor you will have thousands upon thousands of links to products who offer great pet odor elimination. Some them even guarantee it will eliminate the pet odors in your home. Unfotunately most of those items have harmful chemicals in them or are expensive and/or need to be replaced constantly.

Ozone is natures air purifier. Ozone is created in electrical storms and is natures way of getting rid of odors naturally. The word "ozone" is derived from the Greek word "ozien" which means "to smell." In high levels, ozone is bluish in color - and this is why the sky is blue. Ozone was discovered in the later 1800's and is classified as the second strongest oxidizer in the world.

The Newaire Plugin is safe to use in occupied spaces and continually cleans the air. The Newaire plugin is green, cost effective and most importantly, it works. The Newaire Plugin is completely silent, has no fans or moving parts, absolutely no replacement cost, a 15 to 20 year life expectancy and the only maintenance required is a simple cleaning. What is greater than using non-chemicals to save money, stay green and that actually eliminates the odor in your home?

Newaire isn't just for pet odor problems. It can be used for all odors, smoke, mold, food, garbage, etc. If this is something you are intersted in learning more about please see details about the product here, as well as view videos.