Renovation Odor Removal

Ozone Air Treatment and Hydroxyl Air Purifier


There is a growing concern in the effects that certain odors, such as renovation odors, can have on a person’s health if they are left to breathe in the renovation odors and elements in the air for any extended period of time without any air cleaner or any way in which they can purify the surrounding atmosphere. The most common health complications that appear to be related to renovation odors include irritation of the skin and eyes, headaches and many forms of breathing problems. It is important to make sure that after any home improvements or work has been done to a space that is frequented by people, such as the home or office, then the appropriate precautions are taken afterwards to eliminate any renovation odors and purify the surrounding air. Industrial cleaners and chemicals are often used to try and rid an area of unpleasant and offending smells, though renovation odor will only be masked by these kinds of chemicals and will still remain present in the air which people breathe. One of the best ways to make sure that you can eliminate all the present renovation odor molecules in a building as well as being able to purify the air and neutralize the negative ions is to use ozone odor control technologies. These new green devices are able to decontaminate an area of renovation odors and eliminate all the presence of these molecules naturally while making the air cleaner and healthier for ourselves and our families. When oxygen is charged up by a huge surge of power, naturally this will occur by a lightning bolt, and then the oxygen molecules are merged to create ozone. Ozone has a half life of only about 20 to 30 minutes before it naturally breaks down and the separated oxygen molecules will find other gaseous elements that are present in the surrounding air on which to grab onto and neutralize. When any amount of ozone is released into a structure which has some renovation odors present, the ozone device is able to make sure that the renovation odors are not only removed but all the nasty and dangerous chemicals and toxins are eliminated as well. Ozone odor control equipment is brilliant air purifiers which leaves us with cleaner air and is also able deodorize the structure so that we can relax and breathe easily without taking any harmful chemicals into our systems.