New Carpet Odor Removal

Ozone Air Cleaner and Hydroxyl Air Treatment

Everyone will find that there is a very strong and pungent smell that occurs after their new carpets have been fitted into their homes. The new carpet odors are generally produced by the very strong chemicals that are used to stick the carpet down to the ground. The latex and underlay that are used create new carpet odors that are similar to adhesives and can often be just as dangerous to our health.

Although the new carpet odors will generally dissipate into the atmosphere naturally over time, it is often necessary to speed up the process so that the room is liveable in the immediate future. Just as paint and adhesive odors can be dangerous to our health, so can the new carpet odors we smell, they share some of the same characteristics that are harmful to our health and it is important to either get rid of the new carpet odors, or to vacate the area until the smells have left completely.

One of the best ways to rid a place of strong persistent odors is by using the green technology that are able to create ozone molecules through the use of strong power surges being applied to oxygen in the air. Once ozone has been created the device will release it into the surrounding atmosphere where it begins to break down and separate back to its original components, oxygen atoms. Once the ozone is in the atmosphere then it will begin to attach to all the free floating gasses in the air around them. As the oxygen attaches to the new carpet odor molecules it will strip them of their innate characteristics and they will lose their odor and be dissipated into the air naturally and permanently.

The technologies that create this electronic ozone odor control, have made the devices in such a way that they need little supervision and are able to work rapidly and ably to rid an area of new carpet odor without the usual hassle and expense of cleaning, air fresheners and ventilation routines. Working as an air purifier comes naturally to ozone molecules and they are often referred to as ‘nature’s air cleaner’, while they rid the room of the new carpet odor, they also work to eliminate all the toxins and bacteria that are present in the air and help to create a healthier and cleaner air for you and your family to breathe.

Consider a Queenaire QT Storm Ozone Generator to permanently and naturally remove new carpet smell once and for all.

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