Grocery Odor Removal

Grocery store odors come in many different shapes and forms, there are the obvious odors that will include the food, mainly perishable items, and then there are the cleaning solutions that are used giving off a chemical odor that is unpleasant for many people, especially when it surround the food they wish to purchase. As well as these obvious odors, there are some grocery store odors which you may not expect to be there such as ‘scent-branding’ which is being applied by manufacturers to make their products appear more appealing to the customers.

Most of these grocery store odors are produced using chemicals and neurotoxins which can be hazardous to people’s health, especially those with respiratory complications and immune deficiencies. Like, we said earlier, there will of course be grocery store odors that occur naturally when the perishable produce comes close to its sell by date and gives off a stale or acrid odor. As well as these there may be accidents or spillages that will cause a nasty grocery store odor to occur in the area. In these cases, traditionally people would use chemical based perfumed cleaners to deal with these grocery store odors and this would, in general, just mean that the area was replaced with a different odor which people did not appreciate as well.

The answer to this problem came in the form of new green technologies which were able to create ozone molecules from the atmosphere and distribute it into the area where the grocery store odors were occurring. These electronic devices are able to use a surge of power to make ozone molecules from the oxygen in the surrounding air and then release them into the grocery store so that the odors are attacked with a naturally occurring substance. The equipment will operate with no attendance or maintenance and is quick and simple to install into any location.

By reverting ozone back to oxygen, when it breaks down, it creates oxygen atoms that will grab onto any free floating grocery odor molecules in the area. Once attached, they will strip the grocery store odor molecules of their characteristics, including their odor, and will disperse them back into the atmosphere without any toxins, pollutants or bacteria present. Once the negative ions are neutralized then the grocery store odors will not return in the future and the patrons will be able to shop in a pleasant and healthy environment with no risk to themselves or food they are about to purchase.

Consider the Rainbowair Activator 2000 for difficult to remove grocery store odors to permanently and safely destroy them.

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