House Odor Removal


Allison Chadwick, Broker/Owner Bruyere Chadwick Realty, LLC

“I wanted to take a moment to tell you of my experience as a Realtor using your Rainbowair Ozone machine. I originally purchased the machine when I was selling a house with a moldy smell to it. I set up the machine (which is simply turning it on) and after a few hours all smells had dissipated. Seriously since that time I have used it to abate animal odors-of all kinds-cat dog even once used it to remove a very strong skunk odor in an attached garage. Every single time I am amazed that the odors have vanished. Last week I closed on a house and lent the machine to the new owner to get rid of cat urine smell in the carpet. He returned the machine smiling w/ many thanks!

House odors are so varied and common that it is difficult to rid a home of all the house odors present at one time. We often do our best to make our homes livable and pleasant but occasionally we need to go to some drastic measure to get rid of persistent and stubborn house odors which will just not leave. Negative ions which are causing house odors often contain some more dangerous elements such as bacteria and toxins which we cannot see or notice and often don’t even realize are there.

These can cause health complications such as respiratory problems, skin irritation and eye disorders if they are not dealt with fully and efficiently. As well as needing to deodorize and purify our homes we want to eliminate all the harmful pollutants that are present in the house odors so that our families can breathe fresh, healthy air in their own home. Ozone technology is a green and innovative way in which we can rid our homes of house odors and live in a more comfortable and safe environment.

Ozone technology uses no chemicals or perfumes in its cleaning technologies and is completely safe and natural to use around children and pets. They are able to rapidly remove any signs of house odors with no side effects or chemical odors which take over the natural balance of the atmosphere and can harm the environment. Ozone molecules are created when oxygen is put under a great power surge and is then released into the atmosphere from the device so that they can work to neutralize the negative ions in the air and revert them back to oxygen while ridding any house odors of their characteristics and identity. Once the house odors have been destroyed then they simply dissipate back into the atmosphere and are gone forever.

Electronic devices are able to generate ozone quickly and easily so that they can prevent any odor from returning once it has been destroyed. The ozone molecules revert back to their original state and are distributed back to the environment without unbalancing the natural order of things. In order to deodorize the house and get rid of all house odors, ozone technology is by far the most effective form available today. It is so important to our family’s health to make the air cleaner and to deodorize our living space that it not something that can be ignored.

Remember, an environmentally friendly ozone machine actually produces ozone which ELIMINATES and DESTROYS the gases that are the source of the odor – leaving behind nothing but fresh, clean air.