Body Odor Removal

One of the most common and embarrassing problems that many people from all over the world suffer from in today’s world is body odor. Whether it is an occasional or an ongoing problem, this antisocial and unpleasant problem is often dealt with using short term solutions which allow the body odor to remain underlying on many fabrics and clothing that have been left unclean or haven’t been washed for a while.

Body odor is often found in people’s cars, bedrooms and bathrooms, rooms where people have not been able to keep fully clean and fresh. This situation often arises in the summer months when people find themselves more sweaty and sticky than usual with no way to relieve themselves from the intense heat and humidity. Although people use many chemical based solutions such as air fresheners, body sprays and perfumes as deodorizers, these tend to only mask the smell of body odor rather than get rid of the cause altogether. In order to completely eliminate the body odor from an area, the molecules which are causing the smell need to be completely neutralized and the negative ions should be eradicated.

One of the most effective solutions to the problem of body odor is to use ozone producing devices to work as an air cleaner and works on getting rid of negative ions to purify the air. Ozone molecules in the atmosphere are made up of three oxygen atoms which have been forced together by a massive surge of energy in the atmosphere, generally this happens mainly during lightening storms.

New electronic equipment that has been created using green technology is able to generate ozone molecules from the air in any location it may be required. Once created, most of the ozone molecules that were created will only have a short life span of about 20 minutes before being broken down and dispersing back into the atmosphere. The atoms, once separated will attach to any free-floating gases in the surrounding area and rid them of any characteristics, such as odor, and neutralize the negative ions so that they are distributed back into the air with no harmful or offending elements remaining.

Body odor molecules will contain toxins and bacterium as well as simply having an unpleasant smell and so any stale body odor can be dealt with and removed completely from fabrics and the atmosphere simply from an ozone device being used in the area.

Consider using a Queenaire QT Thunder 24 Series II Ozone Generator to permanently and safely remove body odor from your rooms and fabrics.

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