Ms. Susan Duffy
President and CEO, Newaire Inc.
11 Acacia Lane
Sterling, VA  20166

Dear Ms. Duffy,
    I recently purchased the Newaire plug-in for use in my home, and wanted to write to let you know how pleased we are with our purchase. The performance of the unit in cleaning the air in our home has been beyond our expectations!
    Shortly after we moved into our new home in November of 2000, we had a the misfortune of having a skunk crawl under our front walk, which left a faint but distinct odor that we had not been able to remove. We tried air fresheners, sprays, specialists in pest control and all manner of home remedies, all to no avail.
    After running the Newaire plug-in unit overnight, we noticed an immediate reduction in the unpleasant odor! We have since successfully removed the odor from our home completely, and now use the unit for ongoing maintenance and cleaning of the air in our home. I am pleased, and my wife is ecstatic that our home now smells clean and fresh all the time.
    Thank you very much, John, for producing such an amazing product!
Jeff Eveland 

Ms. Susan Duffy
New Aire
P.O. Box 133
Ashburn, VA  20146

Hi Susan,

    After speaking with you at the ISSA show in Las Vegas, the Facilities department asked me if I was able to find product that could be used in two side by side restrooms causing unpleasant odors that were permeating the corridor. The restrooms are on the same floor as our emergency room, wedging in between 2 corridors with no outside ventilation other than a small fan.
    We purchased two Newaire machines to see if they would remedy this bothersome situation. They have been in use for three months and the results have been outstanding. The previously complaining customers are completely satisfied with the results, as is our department with the routine maintenance. There is no changing of batteries or products, and the machine tells us when it needs to be cleaned, which is easy to do.
    Thanks to your product, the Facilities department has saved thousands of dollars by not having to invest in a new air ventilation system, which would have been the other possible resolution.
    We have just put one in the ladies restroom located in the lobby for the same raeson with the same wonderful results. And therefore, are planning to put them in every patient room on the floor that services longer term elderly patients that have the same odor concerns.

Thank you for such an outstanding product.

Martha Meister
Manager of Support Services
Environment Services 

From: Residence Inn Plantation

   As our conversation on Thursday I have received and installed 6 air purifying units in the following areas:

February 28th

  • 407: Heavy smell of cigarette smoke.
  • 416: Heavy smell of cigarette smoke.
  • 228: Smell of cooking oils.
  • 214: Smell of cigarette smoke and cooking oils, extended stay guest for the last 11 months.

March 3rd

  • 407: Room still smells good, noticeable change from last week.
  • 416: Odor is gone, excellent results.
  • 228: Good smell, Will like to see the smell completely gone. It may take a few more days.
  • 214: Guest still bragging about the unit. Excellent results.

Manny Castillo.

To: sduffy@queenaire.com

Subject: I Believe in NewAire!! Dealer info Request!


    I am interested in becoming a dealer for the Newaire Plug-In. I bought one at Home Depot a while back and I love it!! I would compart it to the $900 Alpine systems out there. I would be happy to be able to add this product to my line of products. Please let me know if you are looking for new dealers.

Thank you,

Chris Wright

To: sduffy@queenaire.com

Subject: Newaire

Hi Susan,

    Well, all I can say is WOW. This product is amazing. Started to notice the difference shortly after installing them. I put them to the test two days later, with a dinner party. We were frying meatballs, sausage, eggplant and I allowed my friends to smoke. The next morning we could not smell any smoke or cooking odors. If anyone is as skeptical as I was, let them read this e-mail. I already recommended Newaire to friends.



Bill & Judy.