The Ozone Experts manufacture Rainbowair Activator Ozone GeneratorsQueenaire Ozone Generators, Newaire Plug-in Ozone Generators, and Newaire Hydroxyl Generators.  Let Queenaire President and CEO, Susan Duffy explain how ozone works and why you should use these products to safely and naturally remove odors, mold, mildew and bacteria from your environment.  We have many other informative videos in our video library including details on how to care for your products after purchase.

Our entire line of ozone and hydroxyl deodorizers are designed, engineered and assembled in the USA providing a superior product and first rate customer service. With over 30 years combined experience in ozone and hydroxyl technology, we are proud to have become the most recognized and trusted brands in our industry.
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Ozone is very effective in eliminating odors including tobacco smoke, human and pet odors, food odors, mold and mildew odors, garbage odors, renovation odors and much more. It is not a re-odorant. Ozone totally destroys the offending gases that are the source of everything we smell. Unlike many other deodorizing methods, ozone actually searches out and destroys the problem gases. It will react with contaminants in the air, water, fabrics and on other surface of the walls and ceilings.