Top 3 Reasons Auto Repair Shops Need the Rainbowair Activator

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Rainbowair Activator Ozone Generator with Auto Kit

While there are plenty of good reasons for commercial venues to invest in electronic deodorizers to achieve anything from eliminating odors in offices to killing bacteria in kitchens, the auto industry, in particular, will find the Rainbowair Activator 1000 Series II to be indispensable. Designed for prolonged use and fully equipped with a hose kit, it can turn your auto repair shop into a tune-up destination for drivers of recreational vehicles, buses that suffered some moisture damage and any other vehicle type where odors are becoming problematic.

At the heart of the technology is the 1000mg/hr output power of the ozone generator. It treats up to 10,000 square feet. Set timers for 15-minute operations or a 24-hour heavy-duty treatment stint. You may have seen the machine in auto detailing facilities. How can an investment in this product benefit you today?

Used car odor. The customer who wants to sell a vehicle to the dealership will not get a good price if the car smells bad. Even after a thorough cleaning, the base smells linger. An ozone treatment gets your customer on the road and may increase the value of the car.
Stale auto odor. You usually encounter this problem with RVs that come out of storage. Over the winter, moisture and a closed up environment lead to musty smells. If your customer forgot to empty the gray or black water tanks completely, there are added smells to remove. Get the RV smelling fresh again before driving season.

Gym stink removal. The shuttle bus that takes athletes to and from games quickly takes on the smell of sweat and the stench of gym socks. Get the team’s transportation ready for away games by killing the bacteria that cause the stink.

When your auto repair shop invests in the Rainbowair Activator, advertise the availability of odor removal treatments that may get new customers to your garage.  Contact us today to learn more about this machine or the optional mobile station that includes a broad range of accessories that are a must-have in the auto shop environment.