Fantastic Living Space without Basement Odors

Remodeling a basement can create an awesome living space for family and friends. In addition, unique architectural features and good organizational design can add one-of-a-kind characteristics to form a unique and personal touch. Instead of shying away from the tasks of sealing walls, waterproofing and removing nasty basement odors, look to creative new products and services that can make it happen.
Basement Repair Specialists
The first step in realizing a dream basement is to get a professional opinion from a basement repair specialist. Regardless of the age of your home, a professional that deals with the structural nature of foundations, is well worth the time and money. By analyzing the soil, concrete, drain tile, and more, future problems can be avoided. Any structural damage can also be accessed and discussed.
Exposed Pipes and Drainage
Hiding unsightly pipes, water heaters or wiring can seem tricky, but search out social media and home designer sites for new ideas for turning these unsightly areas into brilliant works of art. For instance, build a makeshift wall and cover with the latest PVC wall covering that is molded into waves or geometric designs. Highlight the entire surface with direct ceiling lights and see the dramatic change.
Remove Odors Naturally
The final, and most important part of keeping your new basement attractive, is to invest in an ozone generator to keep your space free of odors. Because basements are below ground level, not only are they a great place for mold and mildew to begin, but it is nearly impossible to ventilate for smoking or pet odors. Ozone is released into the air and odors are stopped at the source. Learn more about a natural solution in keeping basement odors eliminated when you contact us at The Ozone Experts.
Have that special room that you have always wanted, built and designed to your own personal style. Keep the ozone generator running and never feel like your basement is stuffy or filled with odors.