Natural Odor Control in Your Daycare Facility

When you are in the business of running a daycare facility, you know that cleanliness is indeed next to godliness. Yet in spite of your best efforts, there occasionally is a smell that creeps into these types of facilities. It starts small and is easy to ignore but when the temperatures heat up, the smells intensify. Natural odor control is a must for a daycare facility that cannot rely on harsh chemicals and sprays to fight bacteria and the odors they cause. 

Understanding Odors in the Daycare Setting

Even if you take out your garbage frequently, an odor problem can still develop. These smells come from diaper containers, from baby spit-up, from the spilled milk that the toddlers did not tell you about right away and from the ground-in banana pieces that have been forgotten in the corner. If you prepare food on the premises, cooking scents also mix with the smells that the presence of multiple children creates.

How Does Ozone Make a Difference?

Since you need to use a natural way of odor control to protect the children from the harm that could be caused by spray scents, which usually do little more than mask the odors anyway, ozone is a good option. It eliminates food and human odors as well as those that are caused by mildew and trash. What separates ozone from spray scents and plug-in deodorizers is its ability to destroy the odor-causing bacteria rather than just masking the smells.

Ozone directly attacks odor-causing sources in the air, in fabrics and also on hard surfaces. Since the ions produced by modern ozone generators interact with the dust particles in the air, you reap the fringe benefit of having a cleaner overall daycare environment as well as the removal of the offending odors. When you combine this odor destruction program with your standard cleanliness protocols, your daycare facility should remain sanitary and devoid of gradually worsening offensive smells.

Choosing the Right Ozone Unit

There is a wide variety of ozone units currently on the market. The size of your daycare determines the model that is most likely to provide you with the service you need at a cost that you can afford. Take for example the QT Thunder. 

This unit is perfect for a smaller facility of about 300 square feet. Its deodorizing powers go to work in as little as 15 minutes, which allows you to put the unit on a timer to go off after the daycare is closed for the evening. A solid five-year warranty and 20-year life expectancy ensures that you get plenty of use out of this machine.

If your daycare is larger, consider the Rainbowair 250 Series II. The manufacturer designed this machine to tackle facilities that measure up to 2,500 square feet. With a similar warranty in place, this machine is lightweight and easy to operate. When not in use, it conveniently stores in your broom closet until it is time to engage the cleaning protocol.

Find out which ozone machine is right for you. Contact us today to find out more about the different models and their operations.