QT Hurricane: A Banquet Manager and Catering Company’s Best Friend

It’s no secret that many things can go wrong during a banquet hall or catered affair. There could be problems with the food, beverages or wait staff as well as with the room itself. It could be poorly lit, too hot, too cold or just plain reek. Thankfully, there are actions banquet managers and catering companies may take to head off some of those problems at the pass. Investing in a QT Hurricane is one of the best ones.

Why? The QT Hurricane is a compact, lightweight, easy-to-carry air purifier made by Queenaire. It runs on 120V/60W of power and is capable of generating 80-1,800 mg/hr of ozone, which is enough to rid a 20,000 square foot size banquet or catering hall of unpleasant odors. Because it relies on naturally occurring ozone, the QT Hurricane doesn’t mask odors found in a banquet room’s window treatments, carpeting, upholstered chairs and table linens either. Instead, it draws them out into the open and thoroughly destroys them in a remarkably short amount of time.

That said, banquet and catering managers may use the QT Hurricane to help manage indoor air quality both before and after special events. The other nice thing about the QT Hurricane is its timer settings. They allow catering and banquet managers to program the machine to run for up to 7 days without manual intervention. So essentially, it may be programmed, placed inside of the banquet or catering hall and allowed to run before the guests arrive. Doing so should help remove particulate matter and any musty odors from the air. Once the function ends, managers could program the QT Hurricane to kick on after the staff leaves the building. That should help remove any food, beverage and smoke odors that may have occurred as a result of the catered affair.

To learn more about the QT Hurricane and why it’s consistently proven to be a banquet manager and catering company’s best friend, pleasecontact us.

Trade Annoying Apartment Odors in for that Great, Fresh Air Smell

If you love to read all things Apartment Therapy, then you already know that a home’s odors have a tendency to run the gamut. Some rentals smell phenomenally good, like brown sugar and spice. And others are filled with strong, offensive scents that are enough to make a person’s nose hairs want to retire and head to Florida. Of course there are those individuals that would choose the scent of sugar and spice over some obnoxious funk any day of the week. But there are also folks who feel that both scenarios are equally as bad. For them, we’d like to point out some of the tremendous benefits of eliminating apartment odors naturally.


Eliminating apartment odors naturally ensures that the air doesn’t smell like a perfume factory or a garbage dump. Instead, if done correctly, it will leave the apartment smelling like the fresh outdoors from the top to the bottom. And who doesn’t find the scent of fresh air appealing? Transforming repulsive apartment odors into one that everyone can live with isn’t a laborious or time consuming task either. It often starts and ends with turning a few knobs and pressing the buttons on an ozone generator.

Unlike scented sprays, mulling spices and other methods designed to remove apartment odors, ozone generators get plugged into an electrical outlet. The units feature settings and a power button that are very easy to use, regardless of the odor fighting situation at hand. Once the settings are adjusted and the unit is turned on, it will start producing powerful ozone. The good news is it’s one of the most effective and efficient, natural odor neutralizers on the entire planet.

The ozone, just like it does in outdoor settings, will quickly seek out and decimate all of the offending apartment odors. When it’s through, renters may simply shut the machine off and tidy up their apartments with their favorite, scent free cleaning products. Afterward, the apartment will smell as inviting as the great, unspoiled outdoors. To learn more about which air purifiers would be perfect for arriving at such a state of apartment bliss, please contact us today.

Pet Odors: The Secret to Separating the P.U. from Puppies and Adult Dogs


Okay, so there is no denying that puppies are some of the cutest creatures on the planet. Unfortunately, they, and their adult counterparts, can also stink, quite literally. Have you ever wondered why that’s so and what may be done to correct it? Well, we have the answer. So read on for a whiff of refreshing relief:

Perhaps the University of Cambridge’s Naked Scientists break down the why behind the wet dog smell the best. They attribute it to the bacteria and yeast that naturally like to set up residence on a dog’s body. Apparently, those microscopic odor creators get more pungent when combined with evaporating water. But they aren’t the only reasons why dogs can smell downright obnoxious.

Dogs of all ages also excrete natural substances that many humans may find offensive. Examples include anal gland fluid, urine, excrement, emesis, ear wax and sebaceous oils. They may also develop health conditions that create odors. Common ones are mouth infections, anal gland abscesses, ear infections, tartar build-up and yeast infections.

Bodily fluids, micro-organisms and disease aren’t the only culprits either. Doggy odor can also be brought about by a flatulence-causing diet and encounters with odorous items (e.g. rolling in garbage or being sprayed by a skunk). The good news is dog lovers don’t have to be stuck with the ghastly pet odor forever.

Providing canines of ages with routine healthcare, a proper diet, regular grooming and a sanitary place to play is an excellent start. Using ozone generators to clear away any remaining puppy p.u. is a fabulous way to continue. The generators are capable of removing pet odors and particulate matter from the air. To learn more about the generators and how they can help a doggy’s home smell fresh like the great outdoors, please contact us by calling (866) 676-9663.

Improve Air Quality in Natatoriums with Ozone Generators

Natatoriums and their adjacent locker room areas can be great places to visit, providing that they aren’t awash in offensive odors. Good thing there are ways managers can make sure that their venues smell fresh. Here’s a look at why indoor swimming pool odors occur and how people can improve air quality in their own natatoriums:

Odors occur in natatoriums due to a combination of elements. The list includes, but is by no means is restricted to the following items:

  • Sweat, body oils and human waste products
  • Improper use of pool chemicals (e.g. chlorine)
  • Bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi growth
  • Scented personal care products (e.g. perfumes and deodorants)
  • Heat, humidity and surface moisture

Therefore, a natatorium’s odors must be addressed using a multi-pronged approach. Installing a ventilation system capable of cooling the room and removing excess humidity is one step in the process. Maintaining a thorough cleaning routine and providing visitors with unscented, personal care products onsite are others.

As for the improper use of pool chemicals, that issue may be handled in several ways. Some natatorium owners opt to send staff to training classes or equip the pools with automatic chemical feed systems. Others choose to install several ozone systems. For example, one ozone system may be used to maintain the indoor pool’swater and another may be used to improve air quality. Personally, we feel that the ozone systems are best for a variety of reasons.

To begin with, natatoriums may experience staff turnover throughout the year and automatic chemical feed systems may irritate people with inherent sensitivities. Depending on which chemicals are used, they may also damage swimmers’ clothing and pool accessories (e.g. chlorine-faded swimsuits and water wings).

Ozone, on the other hand, is all-natural and the generators are long-lasting. So once a natatorium owner invests in an ozone generator, he or she won’t have to worry about it irritating customers or having to deal with continuous replacement costs. Plus, today’s ozone generators are quite affordable and come with many convenient, useful features. To learn more about the various ozone generators that can help natatorium managers improve air quality, please contact us by calling (866) 676-9663.