How Ozone Can Kill Bacteria and Remove Odors in the Process

The three oxygen atoms that make up ozone occur naturally. In fact,
approximately 20 percent of the planet’s breathable air is made up of ozone.
Yet there is more to this highly unstable molecule than meets the eye. Did you
know that ozone will kill bacteria
and do away with offensive odors in the process?

  • Ozone reacts with the
         cell walls of bacteria.
    Ohio State University
         experts recognize ozone as “a potent antimicrobial agent” that not only
         kills bacteria but also eradicates fungi, viruses and even parasites.
         Researchers discovered that the oxidative burst, which occurs when the
         ozone molecule reacts with bacterial cell walls, paves the way to further
         destruction of the undesired organism’s cellular components. This refers
         to bacterial genetic material, a wide variety of enzymes contained within
         the cell wall and the lipids that make up parts of the cell wall itself.
         Microorganisms cannot withstand this onslaught and die.
  • A destruction of
         bacteria results in odor removal.
    Offensive odors are usually the
         result of bacterial activity. For example, in the case of a smelly shoe
         closet, the bacteria that ingest sweat subsequently excrete acids that are
         exceedingly pungent. Thus, by destroying the odor-causing bacteria in the
         first place, any offensive odor you may notice in a home or business also
         gets removed.
  • Ozone may be created
    It is possible to artificially create ozone in the
         business or home environment. The Ozone Experts are a recognized leader in the
         ozone technology field.

Unlike with antibiotics and chemical-based bacterial cleaners, it is not
possible for the targeted microbes to develop a form of immunity to the
oxidative burst. This knowledge is now being harness by physicians who have
long been concerned over the increasing levels of hospital-acquired infections.
reports on Canada’s Queen's University that is now experimenting with the use
of ozone to kill difficult-to-eradiate and highly infectious bacteria.

At Ozone Experts, we understand that you do not want to use harsh and
potentially dangerous chemicals to kill bacteria. Contact us today
to discuss the types of ozone-generating products that would be perfect for
your home or business. Losing offensive odors in the process is a welcome
fringe benefit.