The 10 Biggest Culprits of House Odors and How to Deodorize Your Home

Even the cleanest of homes can suffer from halitosis. There are many reasons
for house Odors. Here are the 10 most

  1. Garbage
         the most common, and most obvious culprit of a smelly home is garbage.
         Simply taking out the trash is not always enough to eliminate the odor of
         garbage. Frequent cleaning of your inside garbage containers with a
         disinfectant cleaner will help keep your home from smelling like a garbage
  2. Sinks and garbage
    – often these two fixtures are overlooked during normal
         housecleaning but can be a great source of stink in your home. Regular
         cleaning of your drains and garbage disposal will help keep away the
  3. Stoves
         while you may keep the surface of your stove spotless what's under your
         burners may be permeating through your home. Spilled or overflowing food
         and juices under the burners can give off a horrible odor in your home.
         Regular cleaning will solve this problem.
  4. Pets
         whether you own a dog, a cat, or a chicken, pets give off odors that
         aren't always controllable. Besides frequent baths and frequent cleaning,
         a pet smell is hard to get rid of by cleaning alone.
  5. Lack of ventilation
         – everything needs to breath including your house. Stale odors from
         cooking, pets, and other household living can fill your house with bad
         odor in no time. Opening windows periodically to let in some fresh air
         will do both you and your house some good.
  6. Hood Vents
         although it occurs to few people, the vent above the stove is a wonderful
         place for odors to develop. If you've ever saved grease in a jar you know
         how smelly it can become. Imagine the hood vent in your kitchen and how
         much grease it has accrued over time.
  7. Mold – if
         you have mold growing in any part of your house it is a serious problem
         and should be addressed immediately. Rooms that are prone to dampness such
         as the bathroom can cause mold to grow creating a horrible musty smell as
         well as causing heath problems.
  8. Dirty clothes
         – a pile of dirty clothes never smells pretty and can stink up a house in
         no time. Keeping dirty clothes in a clothes hamper with a lid will help
         eliminate the odors.
  9. Carpets
         pet dander, dirt from shoes, spilled food, etc. all lay within your rugs
         and carpets. Simple vacuuming only removes the top dirt. It does not
         remove the smell or the dirt underneath the fibers. Frequent steam
         cleaning or shampooing will help ease the bad smell in your home.
  10. Shoes – yes,
         shoes that have been worn by people usually smell. If you line your shoes
         up near the front door this is what your guests will smell when they walk
         in – dirty feet. Sprinkling baby powder in each shoe helps. Placing them
         out of sight and out of nose range is better.

So how do you get rid of all these smells? Well, some people never rid their
home of odors, they just cover them up. The stores are filled with options to
cover up the bad smells of your home. This is a great idea if you want to spend
hundreds of dollars each year in throw-away deodorizers and sprays. 

The most practical and economical way to eliminate house odors completely, without just
covering up the smell, is a Ozone
. For more information on how you can clean the air quality in
your home please contact