Surviving a Skunk Odor Incident in Your Home

Now that winter is over, your pets, especially your dogs, will be spending
more time outside. While that’s generally great for their health, there are
many areas of the country where this also means a direct increase in pet and
skunk encounters, which sometimes results in skunk odor invading
your home with your pet’s return. Unfortunately, that can be a messy issue,
especially if you do not catch your pet before he or she gets into your house.
Fortunately, there is a solution for your problem: one of our line of ozone
generating electronic deodorizers.

Technically, these ozone generators do exactly that: generate the molecule
ozone, which is that “fresh air” smell that comes after a summer thunderstorm.
Ozone as a molecule is inherently unstable, seeking to break apart and bond
with other molecules it encounters. Fortunately for us humans, ozone’s
components easily bond with gaseous molecules that we smell—such as that odor
of skunk—and chemically transform the stinky molecules into non-smelly inert
gases. This means that if you release ozone molecules into your home, they will
happily bond with those skunk odors and make them disappear.

Because ozone molecules are so unstable, they have a “half-life” (the amount
of time it takes for half the molecules to break apart) of only 20 minutes.
This means you can’t just store a bottle of ozone in your cupboard until you
need it, because by the time you need it, the molecules in the bottle will all
have disintegrated. Instead, you need one of our simple, effective
ozone-generating machines. And don’t worry, you’ll find a lot more uses for it
than just skunk odors. The smells of everything from cigarette smoke to frying
onions can be eliminated with our electronic deodorizers, so contact
today to learn more and place your order for one of our amazing ozone
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NIOSH warning: Health hazards of mold and mildew odor


Office building alert

In a November 2012 alert, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), issued this warning about mold and mildew odor:

“Occupants within damp office buildings, schools, and other nonindustrial buildings may develop respiratory symptoms and disease.”

What causes the health hazard

Mold, bacteria and the breakdown of building materials have been associated with a host of respiratory ailments like asthma, bronchitis, infections, etc. Anyone exposed who is already suffering from respiratory problems runs the risk of having their condition worsened or even raised to the next more severe level.

Faulty design or maintenance can be factors

Often dampness in buildings is the result of poor design, construction or certification before people occupy the premises. According to NIOSH, “These problems and associated health effects can be prevented by making dampness prevention a goal (during the planning phase).”

Once the structure is built, however, dampness can occur through lack of good maintenance and preventative measures before and during bad weather. You don’t need to be a biologist with a mold spore measurement instrument. Just look for leaks, damp areas, water dangers and signs of mold. The telltale musty odor and overall clammy feeling you experience around indoor damp areas
are commonsense detection measures that are your call to action. What building owners and employers need to do:

  • Actively and aggressively respond when anyone reports environmental or health concerns associated with environmental dampness.
  • Inspect building areas exposed to the weather or subject to dampness (cellars, crawls spaces,
    attics, etc.) and do what is necessary to dry, repair and seal them.
  • Keep the indoor humidity down by using dehumidifiers for your climate control systems.
  • Within 48 hours after porous building materials become wet or damp, take steps to repair or replace damp-infested areas.
  • Tell your employees about the dangers of exposure to dampness. Write up your plans for response to  complaints or evidence of human exposure to hazardous mold and bacteria.
  • Publish and distribute your plans and keep them ready and updated as necessary.

How employees can get into the picture

The NIOSH alert recommends that workers and building occupants:

  • Report signs of dampness or musty smells and moldy odors. Tell employers about any associated health problems that may be occuring as a possible result of workplace dampness.
  • Talk to a physician who is qualified in occupational medicine. Tell the employer what the physician discovered.
  • If the employer has an indoor environmental quality program or team, get involved and participate. If the team is not established or active, encourage management to get one     going.

Letting in the fresh air

When you have uncovered the cause and taken the steps to combat mold and mildew, it’s time to deodorize and let in the fresh air. Contact us and check out our ozone generating equipment. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Get That Fresh Air Smell From an Ozone Generator

Have you ever noticed the fresh air smell you get after a thunderstorm? What
you are smelling is the ozone that is made from the lightning. This is a
natural occurring process that gives the air a certain odor that is clean and
fresh smelling. This process, called corona discharge, happens when O2
molecules are split in two. The single molecules then become O3 when they
attach to oxygen molecules.

You can duplicate this fresh scent in your home or business by using an
ozone generator. Not only do these machines get rid of odors, they kill the
odor instead of masking it like you will find with deodorizers.

Ozone in nature is an organic odor killer. You will find it in certain
places such as by the ocean, in a rainforest and most definitely after a
thunderstorm. Since the naturally occurring ozone is not a deodorant, nothing
is masked and offensive odors are eliminated the natural way.

While you can't duplicate a thunderstorm in your home or business, you can
get the same benefits from an ozone generator. They not only get rid of the
odors, they seek them out and destroy them. Using negative ions as well as
ozone, dust particles are destroyed as well and you won't have to worry about
changing an air filter. Negative ions also make the environment more pleasant
by affecting the body's biochemistry, much the same way being near a waterfall
or any place where the air is pure and away from the city.

Having an ozone generator in your home or business combines all of these
aspects to create a healthier, more pleasant and fresh smelling environment. It
allows you to experience breathing spaces that are the way nature intended.

If you want to know more about ozone generators and how they work, simply contact
and we can help you choose the best one for your needs.

Pet Odor is a concern for many households

Many households in the United States have at least one pet.  No matter
what kind of pet that is there is going to be some kind of odor.  Pet Odor can be difficult to get rid of.  For
some it is the bane of their existence.  It is what they spend hours and
lots of money trying to get rid of.  No matter how much you keep up with
the litter box or take the dog on walks, or whatever you need to do to keep as
much pet odor out, there is still some left over scent that lingers in the

There are many products on the market now that claim to help but most just
cover up the smell or mix with the pet odor.  So, you are left with apple
cinammon scented pet.  Not the aroma you want your guests or family to
smell all day long.  If you do an internet search for pet odor you will
have thousands upon thousands of links to products who offer great pet odor
elimination.  Some them even guarantee it will eliminate the pet odors in
your home.  Unfotunately most of those items have harmful chemicals in
them or are expensive and/or need to be replaced constantly.

There is a new product out now that changes everything.  Newaire is
green, cost effective and works.  The Newaire Plugin is completely silent,
has no fans or moving parts, absolutely no replacement cost, a 15 to 20 year
life expectancy and the only maintenance required is a simple cleaning. What is
greater than using non-chemicals to save money, stay green and that actually
eliminates the odor in your home?

Newaire is a product that uses Mother Nature's own air freshner technology
and allows you to bring it into your home.  It is ozone.  As stated
on Newaire's website
" The word "Ozone" is derived from the Greek word
"ozien" which means, "to smell". In high levels ozone is
bluish in color, which is why the sky is blue. Ozone was discovered in the late
1800’s and is classified as the second strongest oxidizer in the world."

Newaire isn't just for pet odor problems though.  It can be used for
all odors, smoke, mold, food, garbage, etc.  If this is something you are
intersted in learning more about please contact

Eliminate Odor Naturally By Introducing Ozone To The Atmosphere

Do you know the smell of ozone that is in the air after lighting strikes?
When you think of that fresh smell following a thundershower, that scent
originates from ozone being introduced into the atmosphere.  Ozone has
amazing capabilities which enable it to eliminate odor naturally in any

Ozone is also referred to as "activated oxygen" and
this is because rather than the two atoms of oxygen that we normally breathe,
this "activated oxygen" contains 3 atoms.   By chemically
reacting to particles in the air or on surfaces, ozone's extra oxygen atom will
work to destroy the molecules by fundamentally changing their make-up so that
they can no longer be a source of offensive odors.  

When you think about odors that come from mildew or from animals
(such as skunks) and those that seem to linger forever, these are the
impossible odors that ozone will eliminate, guaranteed.  When you have an
ozone generator installed in your home, you can be sure the air will always
smell fresh and clean.  

Maybe you have tried numerous products to rid your home of the
stink and still it returns to remind you that it remains alive.  No matter
how many enzymes you use on that pet accident or how many sprays you have
tried, none of them can guarantee their effectiveness the way ozone treatments
can.  The fact is, ozone treaments are effective in removing virtually any
odor you can imagine.

Because ozone is introduced into the air it has the unique ability
to seek out the offensive odors in cracks and crevasses, behind walls or under
carpets and anywhere else that they may hide.

Ozone treatments are guaranteed 100% effective and guaranteed.
 Ozone generators do not damage to our sensitive environment either.
 If you would like to investigate how our Queenaire ozone generators can
get rid of any offensive odors that you might be dealing with, contact
 for more information. 

Food Odor Can Be Controlled

Food odor is something that
happens to everyone's environment at some point and when it is at your place of
business, it can affect customer perception. Whether it’s odors in a grocery
store from food storage areas or cross odor contamination, the problem is that
it seems that no matter what products you try, the smell either lingers anyway
or is lightly masked with some kind of perfumed scent, neither of which is
ideal and especially around food. Spoiled milk, overripe fruit and food items
that have thawed prematurely can leave an odor that seems to last for days and
is hard to get rid of.

Fortunately, there is a solution to food odor with ozone generation
equipment. How the ozone works
is quite different from an air freshener. Those simply mask the smell
temporarily but equipment that uses ozone works in a more scientific way. The
ozone actually destroys the smell by breaking down the odor molecules after
combining with them. It actually reacts with the odor instead of allowing the
odor molecules to remain. Air fresheners and similar products do not break down
the odor molecule at all. By allowing this odor to remain, you are simply
hiding the smell for a short period of time, if at all. By destroying the odor,
the air is cleaner and pleasant smelling.

The FDA has designated ozone as GRAS (generally regarded as safe) for direct
contact with food items. This includes poultry and meat products, which means
that this is a perfect alternative for your business that deals with food
items. Whether it’s a restaurant or grocery store, ozone is an approved food
surface and food contact sanitizer

So if you have a business that you want to smell fresh, we have industrial
quality products that will keep your business smelling brand new. Simply contact
and we can help you find the perfect ozone solution for your business.

“Green” Air Fresheners: Clearing the Air

Air fresheners emit potentially harmful volatile chemicals, such as pinene and limonene. Don’t assume that “green” ones are any safer.

Researchers from the University of Washington tested eight popular air fresheners, six of which claimed to be “green” or “organic” or to contain “essential oils.” All the products, whether sold as sprays, gels, solids or discs, were found to release at least one chemical classified as toxic or hazardous—and some emitted as many as eight. Moreover, some “green” products emitted chemicals listed as probable carcinogens by the EPA for which there are no safe exposure levels.

Manufacturers are not required to disclose specific fragrance ingredients in air fresheners or other household products (they may simply list “natural fragrance" or “organic perfume” on the label, for instance), so you usually have no way of knowing what’s in your freshener, "green” or otherwise.

The study, in Environmental Assessment Review, did not look at the possible health risks of these products, but some previous studies have found that 20 percent of people report ad­­verse reactions to them, such as headaches and difficulty breathing. And their long-term effects are unknown.

You don’t need air fresheners anyway. They mask odors rather than eliminate them—and if you constantly feel the need to cover up odors, you may have a bigger problem in your home to deal with. For more natural air freshening, open windows and doors when possible, use venting systems in bathrooms and kitchens and turn on fans or air conditioners with the vent open.

Control Hotel Room Odors with Natural Ozone

     If you are looking to control hotel room odor in a
safe, economical and environmentally friendly way then maybe installing ozone
generators is the answer. Hotel rooms take a lot of wear and tear from guests
and the need for constant sanitation and better smelling air for the next
guests imperative if you want satisfied customers. The first impression when
your guests check in to their room can set the tone for their entire experience
and having the fresh clean scent of ozone greet them when they open the door is
a great start.

     The resulting odors left from previous guests can be
numerous and come from many different sources. Smoking in non smoking rooms,
food and drink spills, dirty diapers, overbearing perfumes are just some of the
odors that linger. The odors left by pets alone can ruin the room for weeks if
they are not taken care of. The maid can only do so much to remove these odors
but a simple ozone generator can do the work for you.

     Ozone generators are simple to use, last for years and
require very little maintenance. They are great for taking care of odors from
smoke, mold and mildew that is sometimes associated with in room air
conditioning units. While our portable units do a great job at removing the
odors quickly, the permanent installation of the Newaire Plugin ensures that
the room always stays fresh.

     With so many reviews on hotels being produced by guests at
various travel sites on the internet, it is more important than ever to present
a good impression on your guests. It is also a good idea to run ozone in your
lobby to make sure their first impression of your hotel is a positive one.

     You can choose from stationary units to
portable ones that the maids can carry from room to room. Whatever the needs of
your particular establishment, there is an ozone generator made for you. Contact us, the ozone experts at Queenaire and find out
how to make your guests happy and comfortable, keeping those good reviews