What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): Negative Ions Can Help

NewAire Plug-In Negative Ionizer can help alleviate Seasonal Affective Disorder

When the warm summer months turn into cold, dreary and gray days, it can be downright depressing.  Lack of sunlight can make you react adversely to the decreasing amounts of sunlight and colder temperatures as the fall and winter progresses.  No, you're
not going crazy.  There's an actual name for that.  It's called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and it can really put a damper on your overall well-being.  The incidence of seasonal affective disorder increases in people who are living farther away from the equator.  People of all ages can develop this disorder.

If you're experiencing this, then most likely you're feeling some or all of these symptoms:  fatigue, depression, crying spells, irritability, decreased activity level, overeating and weight gain, and trouble concentrating.  Typically these symptoms will last from late fall until early spring, or depending on how far away from the equator you live.

Major research has shown that negative ionization was "able to show significant antidepressant effects of the active conditions over the three weeks of treatment."  


This is just one example of research conducted with negative Ionization.  Many others have concluded similar results–in a nutshell, negative ions help improve mood and overall mental health.  If you have ever breathed in the cool salt air from the ocean or fresh forest air,  you feel refreshed.  Energized.  Most experts will agree that being connected to nature and earth is crucial for health.  In the forest, the trees create this oxygen-rich environment.  Ocean breezes are heavily charged with negative ions that feed our cells.  While we cannot always be near the ocean or the forest, we can duplicate some of their benfits by bringing their natural elements into our indoor environment with the NewAire Plug-In.

What are Negative Ions?

 Technically speaking: "Ions are charged particles in the air that are formed in nature when enough energy acts upon a molecule such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, or nitrogen to eject an electron from the molecule leaving a positively charged Ion. The displaced electron attaches itself to a nearby molecule, which then becomes a negatively charged Ion. It is the negative ion of oxygen that affects us the most."

According to the book, The Ion Effect, negative ions are effective for allergies, asthma, catarrah, hay fever, sinusitis, exzema, burns, emphysema, and even as a substitue for tranquelizers.  It was discovered that negative ions balance seratonin in the body, and this explains why people feel more alert, stable, and energiezed in the presence of negative ions.

What will help me?

Our NewAire deodorizers not only eliminate odors up to 500 sq/ft naturally, but they also incorporate patented ion wind technology that will help with your Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Put one of these in your living room and enjoy the feeling of thousands of rejuvinating negative ions to help boost your mood and activity.  In addition to making you feel more energized, these units will get rid of any odors associated with smoke, mold and mildew, pets, chemicals, garbage, cooking, etc. 

Create Spring indoors all year long with our NewAire Air Purification System.




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Giving big: Give the Gift of Fresh Air

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During the cold, winter-y seasons, many are locked indoors with smells that are almost impossible to get rid of.   Pet odors, cigarette smoke odors, mold and mildew odors, garbage odors, cooking odors, renovation odors…the list goes on and on.  Whatever your odor issue is,  the option of throwing open your windows to air a space out is limited only to warm weather.  So what do you do?  How can you maintain fresh, clean air when you have stale, dry air constantly circulating around your home or business?

The answer is quite simple, actually. 

Two words: Ozone Deodorizer.  

Depending on your needs, we carry large units (commerical) specific for many uses geared toward basement deodorization, water damage and mold/mildew restoration, hair salons, etc.  Our larger units are meant to specifically "shock treat" a area for a short period of time.  Ozone is one of the most effective, chemical-free and  natural ways to elminate odors in any sort of application.

The NewAire Plug-In and Hardwire versions are also a great alternative for 24 hour deododorization in places such as bathrooms, entryways, kitchens, living rooms, etc. 

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